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Many people ask where the name Kalashnikov , ltd came and from; years of an entrepreneur selling firearms and ammunition at gun shows for cheap prices developed a repeat customer base. During one of these shows, a West Texas customer drawled, “You sell Kalashnikov’s!”. As the years passed, this customer’s comment remained on the mind of the entrepreneur who had a vision of expanding the business through direct mail to reach more customers. His vision turned into reality in 1993 as the direct mail company was formed and needed a name; the entrepreneur recalled the comment by the West Texas customer and thought this would be a great name for the company.

Kalashnikov, ltd was born in 2000 and published its first catalog in 2010 filled with shooting and outdoor gear. The age of internet shopping arrived in 1999 and Kalashnikov, ltd has jump on the band wagon and developed an online shopping website. In order to allow customers to shop at their convenience and minimized the need for calling and placing their order with a telephone sales representative. As the business continued to grow and expand, this small mail order company grew into a top internet retailer selling products that appealed to shooting and outdoor enthusiast.

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